The Argentinian Maliphant Family website

This section of the Maliphant Family website is all about the Argentinian branch of the Maliphant clan and is easily distinguished from the main site by the Chubut flag in the header.

An Overview

On 28th July 1865, 153 Welsh settlers arrived aboard the tea clipper Mimosa, including tailors, cobblers, carpenters, brickmakers, and miners. The ship had left Liverpool on 28th May and landed at Porth Madryn (today called Puerto Madryn) Map.

Whilst there were no Maliphants on that ship, we did have a presence there later on, and the descendants of Lizzie Rebecca Maliphant [##46048] and her husband David Iâl Jones [##46548] are part of our global community and are still in and around Gaiman in the Chubut region Map.

You will find Lizzie, David and all their descendents on Chart F-18.

Mavis Gibson (née Maliphant [##48037]) has had contact with this branch over many years and has assembled a collection of information and stories – read it all here.

This extract is from a document called Companion to the Welsh Settlement in Patagonia by Eirionedd A. Baskerville (see full document here) :

William Maliphant [##45030] married Ann Thomas [##45530] in 1879 and their daughter Mary Ann [##46047] was born on 3 September that year, but died on 17 January 1882. The family are to be found on the 1881 census living at Water Street, Cydweli; William was a 26-year-old stone mason, Ann his wife was 27 and Mary Ann was a year old; Ann’s parents William Thomas, unemployed Mariner 67, and Ann Thomas 63, were also at that address.
Another daughter, Lizzie Rebecca Maliphant [##46048], was born on 20 September 1881.

In 1908 Lizzie Rebecca married David Iâl Jones ([##46548] – the son of John Eryrus Jones and Anne Harrison who had emigrated to Chubut in 1886). They lived in Cydweli until David decided to return to Chubut in 1912, taking his wife, their three children and his [widower] father-in-law William Maliphant [##45030].

Lizzie Rebecca and David Iâl Jones had nine children in all:

  • Ynyr (a batchelor) [##46048-47001]
  • Valmai (who married Harold Jones) [##46048-47002]
  • Hefin (who married first Isabel Peralta and then Adelina Narducci) [##46048-47003]
  • Alba (who died aged six weeks) [##46048-47004]
  • Olga (who died aged 20) [##46048-47005]
  • Gloria (who died at birth) [##46048-47007]
  • her twin Valeira (who married Orlando Oscar Puw) [##46048-47008]
  • Arianina (who married Thomas Einion Roberts) [##46048-47006]
  • Albina (who married Virgilio Francisco Zampini, the son of Dr Hèctor Virgilio Zampini and Eurwen Davies) [##46048-47009]