The Flag of the Welsh Community in Chubut

Historical records mention “the existence of these flags in texts by Richard Berwyn, one of the passengers of the sailboat “Mimosa” that brought the Welsh. The text quotes “the Argentine flag with the red dragon in the middle, hoisted on the hill over the cave”. This text was published in Welsh in Berwyn’s “Periódico Y Drafod” in 1910 and translated into Spanish in “Revista Camwy”, No 5, July 1965.

Other texts by Edwyn Roberts, who settled in Puerto Madryn in June 1865, say that either on the post built at Punta Cuevas or on the mast of the “Mimosa”, the same banner “of the red dragon” was hoisted. Witnesses of the landing of the first settlers such as Richard and Thomas Jones, as well as “Modryb Gwen”, a witness of the leave of the “Mimosa”, recall “at bow of the ship a huge flag on the top of the mast, this flag having a red dragon on a light blue background”.

Documents kept in the archives of Gaiman and Bangor from the 1890s show a drawing of a flag similar to the one adopted; they clearly represent a flag made by the Welsh colony of Chubut. Their idea was to create an autonomous Welsh province within the Republic of Argentina, as reflected in the design of the flag.

Credit to Francisco Gregoric and for the above text.